Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Chubby Flower Tutorial

Yeaaaayyy...finnaly i make tutorial...Its my first tutorial, i dont know how to make good tutorial. I just learn, so forgive me if this tuto not good. This time i want to make fabric flower tutorial. So...this is step by step...^^

1. Prepare material that you need, etc: two colour of fabric, needle, scissors, 
    yarn, and dacron. You need also prepare pattern just like in the picture

2. Cut fabric like pattern that i shown, and cut another colour of fabric with
     circle shape. You just need 10 pattern for 5 petals of flower, and one 
     circle pattern for the centre of flower.

3. Sew the pattern of petals, you can use sew machine, but you also can use 
     handstitch. After that, fabric in the back to the good side, but dont forget 
     to cut the seam (kampuh).

4. Fill petals with dacron then stitch (jelujur). Do it the same for another 

5. Stitch (jelujur) together the edges of fabric sewing circle, put on the centre 
     of petals...and your fabric  flower is done...you can use it for brooch or else

Good Luck...and...Happy Crafting

Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

Colourfull of Crochet Flower

I had photoshoot my crochet flower today, then i'm playing with photo effect to make my crochet more gorgeous...^^ Alhamdulillah...my customer loves my crochet flower...more and more they ordered from me. Its gave me spirit and motivated to make another better and better...Insya Allah i'll always do the best for my Rainbow Shop...^^ So...my crochet flower is very colourfull...yeayyyy...i love colour...i love rainbow...

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