Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Clean Up

picture taken here

Hello Lovelies...

Just popping in to say that I spent most of time this week on the computer, i walking around, googling, and browsing any blog, specially craft blog that really make me interest. Actually...craft and handmade is my hobbies. I knew knit and crochet when i still school at elementary, but just hobby for me. From any blog that i seen, i knew that craft and handmade have meaning more.

Except walking in the blog, i have been cleaning my room. I am being ruthless and clearing out almost found something...:)
I found my craft supplies...yarn, felt, crossstitch, fabric, and more...

Can you imagine what i feel...HOORRAY....i just want to start making something from this supplies... its growing so much and actually nice and straight.
I hope yo're all keeping well too... :)

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