Rabu, 11 April 2012

Vintage Craft

lately i often find "vintage" word while blogwalking or on the works crafter's photo. Inspired by it, i tried to figure out the vintage meaning. I type "vintage means" on search engine...and...many topics about that...please check by yourself...^0^

next i tried to make conclusion that vintage is all about oldstyle, oldthings. Some people assume that vintage is high quality. The truth is i'm not agree about high quality, because its about style and taste, and its not depend on quality. But thats ok. When something is more desireable it costs more. Supply and demand and all that. It's capitalist way.

I tried to make something about vintage...^^
I make Flower Vintage (i dont know its vintage or not...but I hope you really agree that is vintage...hahaha). And i called then Vivi the Brooch.

Enjoy it...and please say something...its vintage or not?????

I took some picture too...than I editing it in vintage style...so...what do you think...
Its Vintage Style or Not...


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