Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

How's your daaaaaay....??? I hope you're doing great, wherever you are...   :D

Long time no blog post ! hehehe.. :D
Nothing special .... just my lazziness is "kumat"...hehehe

Many special moment passed away without written in blog, such our craft funs holiday with my marythoska doll...but i promised with my bottom of heart that i have to write all about it. Yes. Its my "hutang".

And...nows Ramadhan...Holy Month for Moslems...MARHABAN YAA RAMADHAN...

Ramadhan is great moments to contemplating about life and how it should go through this life.
I read book with title "Renungan Kalbu". And the conclusion is...I just wanna be...
1. a good muslimah which underwent all ALLAH says
2. a good wife which can serve my husbund with sincere
3. a good mother which can to raise and educate my kids with love
4. I just wanna my husband and my kiddos love and proud of me
Oh My God...Allah SWT...please help me to realize this...i will try the best for my family...
I love them and I am grateful having them...

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