Jumat, 21 September 2012

My Hat is Round (Topi Saya Bundar)

*Lets Sing*
Topi Saya Bundar
Bundar Topi Saya
Kalau Tidak Bundar
Bukan Topi Saya

My Hat is Round (Topi saya bundar) is Famous Indonesian Children Songs. When I kid, My moms, My Aunt, My Grandma, My Teacher always sing this song for me. And Now...I always sing this song too for my Kids. The song is simple but...sing it really make us fun. And i think...this song is very educated that learn about shape and about own stuff. This song is legend...

Okay...i am here just want to show you my crochet hat for brooch. It made from colourfull cotton yarn with very simple pattern...^_*. And finished touch with ribbon and beads...
I hope you like it and if you wanna be this brooch, you can contact me...


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