Jumat, 30 November 2012

Fabric Pouch (Bella Pouch Series)

Actually I made this pouches for my store. I had many many fabric from my journey and hunting at tanah abang ... i made pouches with two design, first design is bella design and second design is belle design. For this time i just share bella pouch series. Belle pouch will be post later. Why i named it bella and belle? i dont know exactly why, because i really really want to watch breaking dawn 3 at movies, but my hubby busy and have no time to go to movies with me...:

So...let me show you the Bella Pouch Series. For completely picture about it, you can see them at my facebook.

If you like and wanna this, it can be youra just with price Rp 45000. To have it, just PM at my facebook or call 081274214141

Happy Crafting

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